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April News / Club Field Trips in 2017


Our April club meeting was held on Tuesday, April 11 at 7:00 p.m., at the Willamalane Adult Activity Center, 215 W. C St in Springfield. There was a show and tell table. The program  feature a rock that is referred to as Holley Blue.

An open discussion was held for pros and cons on our Rock Show. These ideas will be used to improve next years show which is scheduled to be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 7 and 8th , 2018.

The deadline to apply for the Springfield Thunderegg Rock Club’s Annual Scholarship award of $500 is quickly approaching. If you know any Springfield senior high school student who intends to pursue higher education in the fields of Earth Science or Geo Science please tell them about this scholarship. Applications are available at Thurston, Springfield or Gateway High Schools. Deadline is Friday April 28, 2017.

One of our club members, Nathan Faber, is one of six students on the Pleasant Hill robotics team. The teams name is Gromit's Grommets. Last month, the robotics team from Pleasant Hill High School won the state competition in Portland. The team was challenged to build a robot that can complete a series of challenges, like lifting a yoga ball and launching whiff balls into a target. "It's fun to say that you made something, programmed it, and designed it from scratch yourself," junior Nathan Faber said. "That's really something valuable." Each task is assigned a certain number of points. There, they did not win first place, but their score did set a new world record, with 315 points. The team did qualify to compete at the national competition in Houston this month.

This is a great year for rock hounds. Outlined in this newsletter are scheduled club field trips and some rock related upcoming events. There are additional field trips that have not been scheduled with a date that are listed at the end of this newsletter.

Living Rock MuseumBrownsville Historical Museum Saturday April 15.
Trish Adams will be leading this trip. Meet in Shopko parking lot at 10:00 a.m . Driving distance 30 minutes. Viewing and buying rock. Admittance donations. This is an amazing hand built rock building.
One Man’s private collection of cut & polished agates to form religious theme displays and also much information of The logging industry in this area. Side trip to Brownsville Historical Museum, many Native artifacts on display.

Cottage Grove's Earth Day Celebration Earth Day is Saturday April 22nd 10a-4p. They are offering a FREE 10x10 space for interested folks. You must provide you own table, chairs, canopy, etc. Be prepared for rain as it is April. Set-up will be 8:30-9:30 on Saturday. The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m. Cottage Grove's Earth Day Celebration has 4 spaces for our club. Dean, Trish and Wayne have signed up for a space where we will sell their rocks. Our club has a space where we will need 2 club members to help at our club table. This space will have information about our club, two sand boxes for children to dig in, a display of a variety of rocks and a free rock for each child. There is one space available if any club member is interested.

Oregon Geo Fest is Saturday April 22 and Sunday April 23This show is held at 2100 West Broadway in Eugene in the large parking lot of 5 Elements Gem & Mineral shop. The show is 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is a family fun two day event with Free Admission. Featuring the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory of the Portland State University displaying and identifying Meteorites. This show also features a Fossil dig , hands on gold panning, demonstrations, giveaways and prizes. There are vendor booths offering Gems, Minerals and Crystals from around the world. Our club will have a table with club information. We will need one or two club members at our club information table. There are several club members selling at this event. Tables are available to rent. For more information or to sign up for a table Contact Robert Wells @ 541-343-2201 or visit his Web site at

Veneta Elementary School will be holding their 6th annual Earth Day Celebration on Friday, April 28thfrom 11 AM to 2 PM. This celebration features approximately 20 booths where students can visit to learn about the world around them. Our club is dedicated to teaching students about rock and elementary students are fascinated by rocks. Veneta Elementary School has two 8' tables for our club. Our club will feature volcanic rock, two sand boxes for students to dig for rocks, a display of a variety of rocks from Oregon, information about our club and a free rock for each child. Will need 3 club members to help.
Plush, OR - Sunstone May 6th This is a club field trip lead by Tom & Dixie. Driving distance 4 1/2 hrs. Mine is open to public, pay to dig; or side trip to public free dig area. Camping or other up to you. Meet in Oakridge at Rays Food. at 8 a.m. This is a 1 to 3 day trip.

UO Geology Club Rock and Mineral Show
When: Wednesday May 17, 2017; 11:00am – 7:30pm
Where: EMU Ballroom – Free Admission
The Geology Club is going to put on an old fashioned rock and mineral show next term to:
promote Club Outreach to the local school districts, provide a Community Event to bring in families and local rock and mineral clubs, raise funds for Club Outreach and field trip expenses for the Club, and promote the Earth Sciences Department to the Campus and Eugene/Springfield Communities. We are still in the planning stages and would like to get an idea of the interest that the Community Rock and Mineral Clubs/Societies might have in participating to the event. The EMU Planning charges are the following:

$10 each: Non profit group (must be a registered 501(c)(3)organization) providing information only (no selling).

$30 each: Off campus group providing information only (no selling).

$40 each: Any off campus group selling items.

The Geology Club will pay for cost of a table for any Rock and Mineral Club that wants to have an informational table or display. Dealers will pay the full $40.00/table cost. If any club members have any interest in participating in this event, please contact me by April 11. EMU will be having a Planning on Friday April 14th to begin working on the layout for the EMU Ballroom and cannot guarantee space will be available after that. Our club will have a club information table and will need two club volunteers for this table. At this time there are 4 club members that have a table to sell at this event.

Prineville Pow-Wows June 15 - 18 Annual gatherings of clubs. There are many vendors at this Pow-Wow. Driving distance is 2.5 hours. Meet other Clubs, take field trips, exchange info., check out the Prineville and near by areas.

Maury Mtns (Ochoccos) June 17 This is a club field trip lead by Tom & Dixie. Free Dig. Driving distance 3 Hrs. Dry camping in National Forest. Take side trips Bring camping equipment if you plan to stay over. Will dig for Agatized rock and limb cast. Meet Ken & Dixie east of Prineville at their camp site at the Prineville Pow-Wow.


Madras Pow-Wow June 22 - 25. Annual gatherings of clubs. Driving distance is 2.5 hours. There are many vendors at this Pow-Wow. Meet other Clubs, take field trips, exchange info., check out Madras and near by areas.

Willamalane Children's Celebration 2017 Saturday July 29, 2017 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Island Park, Our club has applied for a spot at this event. We will have a confirmation the beginning of July.


Any questions or comments send them to cadnshac2@comcast

Looking forward to see each of you at our Club Meeting

Trish Adms

Club Presdient / News editor

Field Trips
Pay Dig, View

Driving Distance (one Way)
Richardsons Ranch
early summer Tom
3 hrs
Pay to dig thundereggs or buy them; shop in large shop.
Possible side trips

Coast –Florence to Newport
July Ken & Dixie
Beach/River Collecting
2 hrs
Agate, rocks, shells, fossil shells. Frequent stops, easy access. Poss day use fee per vehicle
Calapooia River
Summer Gary
River walk,

1 hr
Family Day on private property to wade river & look for agates and petrified wood. Life vests for kids, Possible limited parking.
South Coast –Florence; South Sixes River?
Summer Wayne
Beach/River Collecting
3 hrs
Drive down southern coast, stop at South Sixes River for jasper and petrified wood. Day trip
Quartzville Area (Past Sweet Home)


River collecting
Poss gold panning

1.5 hrs
Scenic drive along Quartzville Rd with frequent stops to browse gravel bars, poss. find Dendrites at old rock quarry.
North Santiam River, Thomas Creek
Late Summer - Early Fall
River collecting

1.5 hrs
To be determined; poss river/creek gravel bars for jaspers and petrified woods.

Hollywood Ranch Petrified Wood
To be scheduled
PAY to Dig
1 hr
At Holly, dig petrified wood or buy it. Possible lunch in Sweet Home at A&W Rootbeer!
Joe Cota's Rock Castle
South of Lebanon

Rock Shop & Fossile dig Outing –free, buy rocks
1 hr
Fun day! Buy rough rock, browse Joe’s shop. Joe hosts a free hotdog roast, then drive to private property to dig for fossil shells.

Central Point Museum
Spring Tom
Viewing; admittance fee
2.5 hrs
A large display of minerals, can buy rough rock; Return trip stop for late lunch; or Optional side trips and/or Overnight.
See Crater Rock Museum website


Glass Butte Obsidian
Spring - early Summer? Tom
Free Dig; explore areas
4 hrs
A variety of obsidian; side trips out of La Pine, if over-nighting, accommodations up to you

February 14 is our next Rock Club meeting.

(Please note that the March meeting will be on the FIRST Tuesday in March. March 7th @ 7:00 pm)
February is an open group discussion, hands on meeting.

Have you ever touched or held a 70 million year of rippled slab, a 100 million year old slab from the Grand Canyon area, a 70 million year old green turtle shell, a 25 to 75 million year old fern fossil, 100 million year old salt crystals in sandstone or a piece of the crust of the earth? These and so much more will be at our January meeting. You might be the new owner of a piece of our earth!! 
Club Name Tag
We are now recognizing members that wear their club name tag or club patch to our general meetings. (preferably name tag) As a little incentive, we will have a drawing at each monthly meeting.  To have your name entered all you have to do is wear your name tag or club patch. Thank you Dean for this great idea! 

Dues! Dues! Dues!

Dues need to be paid for 2017! If your dues are not paid yet then they are past due. You can pay at our Jan 10th meeting or Mail to Springfield Thunderegg Rock Club P. O. Box 312 Springfield OR 97477. Dues are $14 for individuals and $20 for families. Please add $1 to dues for each junior member participating in Future Rockhounds of America program which starts in January. 

OUR ROCK SHOW was held on March 11th, 9:00 - 5:00 and March 12th, 2017 10:00 - 3:00
It was a great success.  We look forward to our show next year, Saturday and Sunday,
April 7 and 8th , 2018




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