Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fwd: FIELD TRIP: Crater Rock Museum

Below are images from the field trip to the Crater Rock Museum in Central Point, OR, that exhibits a vast display of rocks, fossils, minerals, gems, petrified wood & Native American items.

In addition to a museum, the RoxyAnn Gem & Mineral Society have a work shop at the back of the museum that contains 11 large saws up to a 36 inch blades, 3 trim saws, 5 Genie/Titan grinder-polishers; 2 grinders, 2 Lortone polishers, 1 bull wheel, 1 drill, tumblers, 3 finishing wheels and more lapidary equipment.

This equipment is available to members after a  2 hour safety and introduction class.  Annual membership fees are $35 for a family, $30 per couple, $25 for a single.

L-R  Jack Moratto, VP of the RoxyAnn Gem & Mineral Society and Tom Hooker discuss a rock from the obsidian bin to the left. Rocks are sorted by type and are for sale by weight. Most of their rocks on display and the the backyard area (behind them) were donated by fellow rockhounds.                     

Tom sprays a rainbow obsidian to show its sheen to Mary Hooker

Inside the Crater Rock Museum in Central Paint, OR, Tom and Mary Hooker talk about  rock displays

An October, 1967 Gems and Minerals magazine writes about the rock roulette wheel on display at the museum.(see photo below).

Tom Hooker looks at a roulette wheel made and adorned with rocks.

Some of the attendees on the trip.


  1. Rock museum, why can't we have it here in out country :( I guess I can only experience it virtually, thank you for sharing the information with us

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